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J-1 Visa Requirements Philippines [Resources, Examples, Process]

Citizens of the Philippines require visas to make extended stays in the U.S. Take a look at the J-1 Visa requirements needed from the Phillipines!

A Step-by-Step Guide to the U.S. J-1 Visa India

Citizens of India require visas to make extended stays in the U.S.. This J-1 visa USA from India guide can help prepare you for what to expect in the visa process.
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2023 J-1 Internship: Resources, Tips & Jobs

Are you an international student? Learn how you can get a J-1 internship in 2023!

Applying for a J-1 Visa from the UK [Resources, Tips, Timelines]

Interested in traveling abroad and building work experience? If so, a J-1 visa might be a great fit for you! This guide breaks down the application process for a J-1 visa from the UK, and even has advice for your arrival in the U.S.

J-1 Visa: Navigating the 2-Year Rule Like a Pro

Wondering if the J-1 visa two-year rule applies to you? Learn more about these residency requirements and find out if you may be eligible for a waiver or extension.
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J-1 Visa Full Guide for Canadian Students & Interns

From applying for a visa, to finding housing, to making friends, this guide has Canadians covered with the inside scoop on successful J-1 visa internships.
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What Are J-1 Visa Tax Returns? Get Your Questions Answered Here

Navigating taxes can be confusing, especially in a new country. Get all your questions about J-1 visa tax returns answered here!

J-1 Visa Duration: How Long Can I Stay?

Once you get to the U.S, how long can you live there? Find answers to any and all of your J-1 visa duration questions here.