Your team is your company’s most valuable resource. Building and developing a strong team is the surest way to meet your company’s goals, but finding the right people isn’t always easy. In a global hiring market, the methods you use to build your team are essential. In this article, we’ll explore recruitment ideas to help attract world class interns and employees to your company.

In the ‘great resignation’, competition for talent is real. Workers are leaving their jobs en masse to strike out on their own, experiment in the gig economy, or seek career advancement. These changes mean employees aren’t competing for jobs. Instead, employers are competing for the best candidates.

This makes it more important than ever to think beyond borders when recruiting talent. Expanding your talent pool to include candidates around the globe can help diversify your team with fresh perspectives. At Intrax Global Internships, we help our customers take their recruitment to a global scale by adding international interns to their organizations. 

Looking for innovative recruitment ideas to find and secure the best talent to meet your company’s goals? Read on for creative and proven strategies that will help you create a diverse, globalized team.

Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

One of the best recruitment ideas is to diversify the human resources that help your company succeed. Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion is essential to any innovative recruitment strategy. Bringing a wide range of people on board allows your company to capitalize on broader viewpoints, ideas, and experiences.

An intentional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DE&I, can also help reduce bias in the hiring process. As of 2020, 26 Fortune 100 companies had no ethnic diversity among their top-tier executives. Six have no ethnic or gender diversity. 

This lack of inclusion and representation may seem incidental, but it’s the result of hiring and recruiting decisions. Emphasizing DE&I in your talent acquisition strategy is an important part of directed efforts to close these gaps.

A team’s diversity is also tied to its success. Companies with diverse teams are more likely to perform above average in key performance indicators tied to profitability.

Diversity in the times of COVID-19 matters even more. The years-long pandemic has caused enormous economic disturbances to every financial sector in every country around the world. Disadvantaged groups of the population were disproportionately affected.

This makes DE&I essential to economic recovery after COVID-19. Inclusive workplaces lead to innovation and creativity, as diverse minds collaborate and solve problems. These innovations lead to widespread fiscal gains - especially for these historically disadvantaged groups - that will expedite our economic recovery.

Additionally, efforts to champion diversity in the workplace help establish an organization’s culture. They show your company’s values are focused on the people that power it.

Adding candidates from countries outside the United States to your talent pool is an important step to take when prioritizing DE&I during hiring. Bringing on international employees and global interns can enrich your organization with new perspectives, experiences, and ideas.

Think Global

Approach unique recruitment ideas through an international lens. Adding a global perspective to your recruitment strategy can help meaningfully expand your company’s diversity. Recruiting international candidates has many benefits, including:

  • Creating cultural exchange opportunities
  • Gaining a new perspective on industry trends and problems
  • Widening your professional network across seas

Removing geographical limitations widens your talent pool. It allows you to include candidates from around the world in the recruitment process, rather than only the candidates who are nearby. This can give you a competitive boost while striving to attract the best minds your industry has to offer.

Expanding your recruitment strategy to a global level can give you an edge in international markets. The contributions of diverse human resources are a powerful tool that allow you to gain unique insights. When diverse candidates from around the world join your team, they can help ensure your company’s moves are culturally responsive.

A team spread across the world also means your brand has representation on more continents, in more countries, and across more time zones. This makes your company more flexible and responsive to the needs of your clients. A team spread around the world can make round-the-clock progress on projects and stay in constant communication with your stakeholders, no matter where they are.

At Intrax Global Internships, we’ve seen our clients achieve incredible success by bringing global interns to join their team in the United States. Companies like Robinhood and Equilar recruit interns from around the world for key roles. Global interns can bring their cutting-edge knowledge and fresh perspectives to your team, and can even turn into full-time employees as they learn and grow with your company.

Starting an international internship program in your company can become a pipeline for diverse talent. It helps up-and-coming minds in your field get acquainted with your organization, and can lead to long-term careers as they become part of your team. 

Bringing international interns on board can be a key component of creating a global talent acquisition funnel to benefit your company. This can help you find talent for open roles now, and can help you attract the right candidates for future opportunities.

Plus, with the advent of remote work and collaborative online platforms, it’s easier than ever to think globally for your recruiting initiatives. In fact, remote internships are growing in popularity alongside remote work as companies seek top talent from around the world.

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Why Branding is a Strong Recruiting Tool for Employers

When exploring ideas for recruitment, look at how your brand resonates with candidates or even your own employees. What defines your company? Clearly outlining your brand can help you understand what you’re looking for in a candidate. It can also let applicants know what they’ll gain by joining your team. 

Remember, your branding doesn’t only help you connect with potential clients and customers. It can connect you to potential candidates as well. To attract applicants to your brand, think about questions like:

  • What makes your company unique?
  • What is it like to work for your company?
  • What does your company prioritize?
  • What do you want potential hires to know about your company?
  • What is your company culture?

Consider your company’s mission, vision, and goals. These can become selling points to potential candidates, especially if your company is focused on the future of work.

Flexible co-working spaces, remote work accommodations, and people-focused perks are all part of a company’s brand and culture. So is prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your hiring practices. These communicate to candidates that your company cares about its team resources. This can help you attract top-tier talent from around the world to your organization.

A well-defined brand can funnel candidates toward you based on their interest in the name, culture, or atmosphere of your company alone. When candidates understand your company, they will be eager to join it. This also helps ensure your future hires are on board with your mission.

Bringing global talent to your team can start by defining your branding as a company. Strive to show your talent pool that you prioritize people and are ready to adapt to the future of work.

Engage Online

An online presence is a simple but effective recruiting tool for employers. Use technology to build your team through platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook. Social media matters for global, modernized businesses because:

  1. It can connect you with interested people around the world
  2. It improves your SEO rankings, driving more people to your site
  3. It makes your brand more visible and accessible
  4. It helps you build relationships with potential clients, customers, and candidates
  5. It fosters trust and familiarity in your brand
  6. Social media sites highly target the posts you share, guaranteeing interested viewers will see your content

Social media platforms can be an important part of branding, as they allow you to join conversations relevant to your field. Foster discussion and share industry trends to show that you’re engaged and relevant. People spend as much as 25% of their time online on social media. This creates an enormous window for engaging your audience with your brand and content and is an awesome student recruitment strategy.

This exposure can cement your place as a thought leader in your industry. Plus, creating consistent engagement with your company will help widen your talent pool for future candidates. The professionals who engage with you online will become more interested in joining your team as their next career move, or may even consider applying sooner than they planned if the perfect role opens up.

This type of ongoing outreach is important for passive recruiting by helping you connect with potential candidates even when they aren’t actively looking for a new job. Social media is a powerful tool for constant recruiting in a global job market.

Online tools can help you network with potential employees and interns around the world. Connecting with these candidates online can also show them that technology is a part of your company’s culture, making your organization more appealing to potential long-distance hires and remote interns.

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Leverage Technology to Build Your Team

Many innovative ideas for recruitment capitalize on technology’s place at the center of most organizations. Using technology to your advantage can help you build — and maintain — your team.

When filling an open role, consider if the position is open to remote work for the right candidate. This helps expand your talent pool to a global scale. Seeking international candidates allows you to involve the network of qualified applicants spread across the world in your talent search, even if they aren’t nearby geographically.

Remote work doesn’t need to be limited to certain roles in your company. Many companies are using remote internships to find top talent across the world. These early career professionals can make the perfect addition to your team, and can help funnel international talent into long-term positions in the future.

Our team at Intrax Global Internships has placed international interns with thousands of companies around the globe. We partner with higher educational institutions like the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo to funnel their high achieving students directly into tech, development, and engineering internships with our customers, including Robinhood and Omnium

With working from home becoming the standard, many of these global interns work remotely. Leveraging technology to add remote interns and employees to your team is easier than ever, especially now that the workforce is well-versed in online collaboration tools.

In fact, many employers and employees are preferring these methods over coworking in a traditional office space. Using technology to build virtual teams allows for:

  1. Flexible scheduling
  2. Round-the-clock availability
  3. Increased accessibility and inclusion

Working remotely is also tied to higher levels of productivity. A study by Stanford University found that interns and employees who worked remotely were 22% more productive. Remote workers also report higher levels of job satisfaction and lower levels of stress. 

Capitalizing on the massive range of collaborative technology that exists makes it simple to add remote, international talent to your team. From digital whiteboards to shared documents, the suite of productivity and collaboration technology available makes it easy to work together from opposite corners of the globe.

The future of work lies in collaboration between teams of remote interns and employees spread across the world. Staying at the cutting edge of this trend is important for a company’s recruiting efforts.

Already, 16% of companies around the world are fully remote. 56% of companies are partially remote or have some remote workers. Digital productivity and collaboration tools makes building virtual teams more feasible than ever. Leveraging these benefits to grow your team is a powerful recruitment idea for employers.

Host and Attend Recruiting Events to Expand Your Network

If your company is looking for creative recruiting ideas, consider hosting or attending networking events to connect with your talent pool. These are excellent opportunities to meet the dedicated professionals in your industry to fill open roles and internship positions in your company.

Networking events like industry conventions and trade shows are a great way to find candidates whose commitment shines, and who are actively looking to take the next step in their career. They also help with passive recruiting efforts by connecting you to candidates who may be the perfect fit for a future opportunity.

Many colleges and universities hold career fairs and networking opportunities to introduce employers directly to budding talent in their field. These can be excellent times to connect with the next intern to help your company thrive.

These events aren’t limited to the local convention center. As more industries adopt digital work methods, professional events are going virtual to keep pace. These online events can help you network with a global talent pool.

Grow Your Team and Hire Interns With Global Internships

If you’re ready to take your recruiting global, consider starting an internship program and welcoming international applicants. In addition to filling needed roles now, these programs can funnel worldwide talent directly to your company for the future. Additionally, many internships lead to full-time positions, making the recruiting process easier in the future.

Adding a global intern to your team has many benefits, including:

  • Gaining a fresh perspective
  • Capitalizing on their cutting-edge learning
  • Benefiting from the mastery of digital natives

If you’re ready to start your company’s internship program, Intrax Global Internships can help. We’re a Department of State approved J-1 visa sponsor, so we can help add talent from around the world to your team.

We work with companies to find international interns for roles in engineering, development, finance, and more. These interns deliver real results in the companies they join.

Our client Robinhood is expecting their Global Mobility program to grow by 100% in the next fiscal year, and that growth was made possible by their global interns. Robinhood utilizes interns from around the world for technical, project-based work that is leading to real growth and change in their company.

"Intrax offers an easy to navigate process between buyer "us" and our students with great communication and customer service. This is a complex process and they are proactive where many in their business category are not. I have a great J1 partner, and that is rare in this space!" - Amy Jennison, Program Manager, Global Mobility at Robinhood

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What Will Your Company’s Innovative Recruitment Strategy Be?

These strategies can help you recruit and keep amazing talent. Whether your recruiting initiative is a new global internship program or virtually hosting a new annual conference, Intrax Global Internships can help connect you with top-tier talent around the globe.

Contact us today to find out more about how partnering with Intrax Global Internships can help you successfully grow your team in an international hiring market.

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