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Thousands of companies hire international interns with Intrax Global Internships. We simplify the legalities across borders whether interning remotely or in-person as an official sponsor of the J-1 Visa internship program.
J-1 Visa Service for Employers
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Intrax Global Internships is a U.S. Department of State designated J-1 Visa sponsor. We provide visa sponsorship and on-program support for international college students and recent college graduates. Our global network coupled with local staff provides exceptional support for both you and your participants from start to finish.
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Motivation for Interns

Intrax Global Internships connects you with students and young professionals from all over the world who are eager to become interns or trainees with the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge, and culture. They are highly motivated and eager to gain valuable professional experience as they contribute to your company’s goals. Our participants are:

  • Determined to use their academic skills and knowledge
  • Motivated to gain professional work experience in a new country
  • Dedicated to helping your business grow
  • Eager to connect with coworkers and improve their language fluency
Projects for Interns

From small to large projects, the benefits an intern or trainee can bring to your business are innumerable. You will gain a top-notch student or young professional who is eager to learn about your business and methodology. International interns and trainees bring a fresh, global perspective that can help you explore new global markets for your products and services. Sample projects from past participants include:

  • Research on emerging markets
  • Translation of promotional materials
  • Streamlining data processes
  • Integrating existing databases with new CRM systems
  • Assisting with web development
  • Providing administrative and operational support
J-1 Visa Service for Employers

Program benefits

Issue DS-2019 within 2 weeks from receiving all completed application documents, conducting a phone interview with the host company and the intern, and receiving payment.
Online application and easy correspondence – submit all documents online.
Program fee for length of internship only, no extra fee for time spent in the U.S. before or after the internship.
We contact your intern and help them complete the necessary documents.
Since 2003 Intrax has been designated by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor J-1 Visas and to issue the DS-2019.

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Eligibility requirements for hosting international interns

Eligibility Requirements for Hosting J-1 Interns
A Suitable Office Space
Eligibility Requirements for Hosting J-1 Interns
Designated Onsite Supervisor
Eligibility Requirements for Hosting J-1 Interns
Required Minimum Staff Headcount
Eligibility Requirements for Hosting J-1 Interns
Documentation and EIN
Equilar has been working with Intrax interns for over 4 years now. Our experience has been wonderful – the interns we’ve worked with have all had fantastic work ethic, positive attitudes, and willingness to support our business in just about any area. We currently have an Engineering intern, Marketing intern, and Client Services intern working with us right now. We’ve also used Intrax interns for a Sales internship in the past. Intrax makes it easy to find great candidates and facilitates the process so we don’t have to worry about anything but providing a great work environment.

Megan Lum, PHR

Human Resources Manager, Equilar
Equilar Team

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