"I have a great J1 partner, and that is rare in this space!"

See how Robinhood works with Intrax to recruit talent and further diversity initiatives.

Robinhood is a fintech company with rapid growth, relying on motivated collegiate-level talent from across the globe who want to contribute to their business as well as take away real world employment experience all while experiencing the United States.

Robinhood's Global Mobility program will grow by 100% in the next fiscal year. Global Interns help power key technical areas of their business with hands-on project-based work.

Both Robinhood and Intrax value diversity of employment resources and strive to make the process easy and reliable.

"Intrax offers an easy to navigate process between buyer "us" and our students with great communication and customer service. This is a complex process and they are proactive where many in their business category are not. I have a great J1 partner, and that is rare in this space!"

Amy Jennison, Program Manager, Global Mobility at Robinhood

Robinhood turns to Intrax to help streamline their process by offering value added services like medical insurance and providing J1 visa and legal management, which is key to ensuring end to end success from recruitment to placement.

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