It can be challenging to find the right candidate for any position. This is especially true for demanding, technical roles, like engineers and developers. If you need to recruit a software engineer, a global internship program is an opportunity to source the best talent for your team.

When it comes to technical roles like these, your candidates need to bring the right balance of knowledge, skill, and problem solving abilities to the table. At the same time, they need to be a good fit for your team. 

Whether you’re a rapidly growing startup or a well established company, you have a unique company culture. You may pride yourself on aspects like your innovative thinking, workplace flexibility, or international mindset. No matter what your company culture is, it’s important that your new hires mesh with the environment you’ve built.

It isn’t just difficult to find good candidates — it’s also difficult to keep them. Software engineers have higher than average turnover rates, especially when they’re part of ambitious, tech focused companies and startups. The trends of the Great Resignation are only exacerbating this pattern. As a result, companies are dedicating more time than ever to their recruitment process as they frequently are faced with the task of replacing their software engineers. 

Growing companies are feeling this impact even more as they struggle to both replace hires that leave and fill new roles as they add them. When you’re trying to simultaneously manage both of these hiring needs, the process of recruiting (and keeping) quality engineers can become a huge resource drain.

If you need to hire a software engineer, a global internship program can be the solution. Internships are an opportunity to work with top tier candidates who can apply their cutting-edge knowledge to help your team achieve their goals. By focusing on recruiting global interns, you can also continually work towards building a diverse, inclusive team. Creating an internship program can:

  1. Help meet your business needs
  2. Make your company more appealing as a workplace
  3. Showcase your people-first culture
  4. Direct talent to your team in the future

At Intrax Global Internships, we connect teams with skilled global interns to fill even the most complex and technical roles. Our interns have become invaluable pieces of teams at tech startups, research-driven universities, and some of the biggest names in fintech. We’ll explore how including these interns in your hiring process can solve your recruitment needs while adding high-powered talent to key projects.

Why Do Interns Thrive in the Tech Industry?

The tech industry has a long history of relying heavily on intern talent. With many ubiquitous Silicon Valley companies being fueled by the contributions of interns, it’s clear that this method has been hugely successful, too. 

Some companies pay interns six figures a year, with additional stipends for housing and other benefits. But why are interns so invaluable to these companies? There are two main reasons:

  1. Interns provide cutting-edge knowledge
  2. Internships are a powerful recruitment strategy

Hire a Top Software Engineer Through Internships

Tech fields are constantly evolving. The lightning-fast pace at which they grow has been observed for decades. Part of this growth was even given a name by Gordon Moore in 1965. His observations came to be known as Moore’s Law, which states that every two years, the computing power of microchips doubles, but their cost is halved.

In essence, Moore’s law illustrates the breakneck speeds at which tech companies innovate. These breakthroughs drive the hiring demand for sharp minds and cutting-edge knowledge that defines recruitment in the tech industry. This is part of what makes interns the perfect solution for companies seeking to innovate new technologies.

What interns lack in experience, they make up for in fresh knowledge. They aren’t bogged down by outdated knowledge or inflexible adherence to old industry standards. Instead, interns bring a fresh perspective steeped in industry trends and experimental developments to the companies they join. International internships compound this benefit even further by allowing the companies they join to capitalize on a global spectrum of advancements and developments.

Software Engineering Internships As a Recruitment Strategy

The technical nature of software engineering positions makes it hard to find the right talent to fill them. Additionally, it’s expensive to train and onboard a new hire. If they don’t work out, that’s a lot of time and resources gone. 

Tech companies have discovered the greatest hidden perk of internships: a well structured internship program can essentially serve as a working interview. Internships give the company a chance to engage with their new hires before they become permanent additions. That means you’ll have a preemptive chance to ensure they have the right skills, knowledge, and dispositions to find long-term success in a role.

In the short term, it takes some time and expenditures to train an intern, just like it does with any hire. However, in the long term, internships allow companies to:

  • Save money on training candidates that attrite quickly
  • Save time on the recruitment process
  • Save resources spent training and adjusting to a new team member

Thinking Global for Your Software Engineer Hires

A global internship program can improve your hiring efforts by expanding your search process. Instead of limiting your recruitment process to local candidates, they can allow you to explore the world’s top talent. By examining a global talent pool, you can be sure you’re finding the best software engineers to develop your projects. In the global tech market, this is an essential piece of innovating and creating at a competitive pace.

An international software engineer for hire can bring a huge breadth of experience to your team. Since global candidates have worked, studied, and learned in other countries, they can leverage these unique experiences to help your business succeed.

These international candidates and interns also can contribute a new cultural perspective to the teams they join. This insight can be a boon for a company looking to expand internationally and foster relationships with a diverse range of clients.

Companies who work towards diversifying their teams by hiring international interns gain many benefits from this process. Diverse teams have been shown to:

  • Boost creativity
  • Engage employees at deeper levels
  • Improve a company’s reputation

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential goals to strive for, and building diverse workplaces is an important part of achieving this. Our world is globalized and diverse, and it is essential that both clients and employees see themselves reflected throughout a company. In fact, a team’s diversity is directly correlated to its success.

Imagine what this means when a team hires a software engineer to solve a cutting-edge problem. A homogenous team with the same education, experiences, and perspectives may all arrive at the same solution — but what happens if that solution doesn’t work? It’s easy to see how a team that lacks diversity can quickly fail due to these all too common pitfalls.

On the other hand, think about the creativity inherent to a diverse team with a broad assortment of viewpoints, ideas, and backgrounds. A team like this could work together to leverage these experiences to imagine innovative solutions. In addition to making problem solving more effective, this means diverse teams often work faster, too.

While a homogenous team may end up floundering, diverse teams can continuously challenge each other. Think of it like machine learning. The same series of inputs over and over again can’t teach a car to drive itself, or teach a computer to beat a human in chess — but millions of unique, diverse inputs can.

Building a diverse team is linked to many other improvements, too. Since diverse teams tend to innovate at higher rates, employees of diverse workplaces are more engaged. As a result, turnover is lower in companies with diverse teams. That means their profits are typically higher as well. Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices improves everything from employee satisfaction to your company’s reputation, and hiring global interns can be an effective way to work towards this goal.

At Intrax Global Internships, we’re committed to helping our clients increase the diversity of their teams. We believe that every hire matters as we collectively strive to create inclusive and equitable workplaces. That’s one of our driving motivations, and a huge part of why we’ve helped thousands of companies hire interns from across the world.

By connecting companies across the tech industry to the most qualified, passionate, and forward thinking interns, we aren’t just making it easy to hire a software engineer. We’re also making it possible to nurture your company’s culture of inclusion by infusing a new source of diverse candidates into your talent pool.

Our team at Intrax Global Internships has decades of experience with international internships. As a sponsor recognized by the Department of State, we can also help your global interns secure their visas without a hitch. We’re committed to helping you find an exact fit with talent that can round out your team and help your company grow.

How Internships Can Make It Easy To Hire Top Software Engineers

Global interns improve the companies they join in many ways. At the same time, focusing on global interns can make your hiring process effortless. Interns can fill high-demand roles that are essential to your company’s growth. Plus, an internship can be like a chance to “test-drive” a new hire and ensure they’ll be the right fit for the position. Furthermore, an internship program can be the key to creating a global talent acquisition funnel

Once you create an internship program, your company starts to establish their foothold as a mentor in the industry. This will build your goodwill and improve your brand reputation while simultaneously directing more interns towards your team. As a result, creating an internship opportunity can funnel talent towards your team for years to come. Doing this on a global scale can help you connect with an even broader range of emerging talent.

A thriving internship program doesn’t only improve your company’s perception from the outside, though. It can also have positive impacts on the culture within the team. For example, an internship program can:

  1. Show that you value mentorship
  2. Demonstrate people-first values
  3. Make your company more attractive in a people-focused hiring market
  4. Increase retention by showing team members their value

Many of our customers in the tech industry and beyond have found success by entrusting their staffing needs to Intrax Global Internships. We’ve helped thousands of companies around the world find top notch talent to fill their open software engineering positions.

One of our clients, the fintech giant Robinhood, relies on Intrax Global Internships to staff their high-impact Global Mobility Program. These interns aren’t just filing papers or making coffee, either — they’re taking on high impact roles that are making measurable differences in the tech industry. In fact, thanks to their international internship program, Robinhood’s Global Mobility Program is anticipated to grow by 100% in the next year.

Omnium is another one of our clients that has integrated their global interns into fundamental aspects of their business. As a marketing and sales optimization firm with a focus on technology and data science, they understand the challenges in finding technically skilled talent. That’s why they look to Intrax Global Internships to fill their open internship roles. Omnium is committed to hiring both top tier and diverse talent, which is why they utilize the talent of international interns for a variety of engineering opportunities.

Starting an International Software Engineering Internship Program

If your recruitment team has been grappling with the prospect of finding a quality software engineer hire, an internship program could become a long term solution to this challenge. Intrax Global Internships can help your company establish, build, and staff an internship program on a global scale. We work with clients around the world to direct emerging talent to high impact roles in a variety of industries.

Plus, as a visa sponsor designated by the Department of State, we also make it easy to bring top talent from across the world to your team, regardless of international borders. We take care of all the background details, like helping your interns secure their J-category visas, guiding them through the process of getting insurance in the United States, and even providing necessary training to help them adjust to their new role.

We also aim to connect you with candidates who will truly be an excellent fit for your internship program by taking steps like:

  1. Ensuring your candidates have the qualifications and skills they will need to thrive
  2. Considering if your internship candidates will be the right fit for your workplace culture
  3. Confirming your candidates have the necessary education to meet the program’s goals

As leading experts in the J-1 visa internship space, we know the factors that help companies create successful internships. We leverage our decades of experience helping thousands of companies create high impact internship programs to find the ideal candidate for every open role.

One of the most important pieces of leading an international intern to success is ensuring that they have the guidance they need to thrive in their new position. That’s why we provide ongoing support to every intern we place before and during their program. We handle all the details like visa durations, health insurance, and travel insurance so your company can focus on growing alongside your new intern instead.

At the same time, we’ll also provide support to your company as you prepare for, welcome, and work with your intern. We want every internship placement to be a definitive success that leads to mutual growth for your entire team, including your new intern. That’s why we work closely with both our client companies and interns to make sure every step of the program is going smoothly, and that your intern is flourishing in their new role. Throughout their entire program duration, we’ll always be available to provide support.

Wondering how to start an internship program that can bring budding global talent to your company? Our team at Intrax Global Internships can help you launch an internship program that will become a key part of your company’s ongoing strategic development. We’ll work with you to find out how a funnel of international intern talent can help your company meet your goals now, and keep growing in the future.

Hire a Software Engineer Through a Global Internship

Need to hire a software engineer? Interns can be the ideal staffing solution if you’re looking for a candidate with:

  • Cutting edge knowledge
  • Drive and passion for the work you do
  • Endless capacity to grow and learn

At Intrax Global Internships, we connect the world’s top talent to open internship positions as software engineers, programmers, developers, and more. By integrating interns into your hiring process, you can solve your hiring needs now, and direct emerging talent to your company for years to come.

Curious how an internship program can help meet your company’s goals? Request information about how we’ve helped our clients grow, or contact us today. We’re always ready to talk about how creating a global internship program can become your company’s next recruitment strategy.

Jun 28, 2022
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