What amazes me about this city is no street is a waste of space. Down every alley, you can find the world's best espresso, or a fascinating building built generations ago.

Sunday's light rose over England to start another destination-filled and picturesque day. Still tourists at heart, we marveled over spectacles like the London Eye, London Bridge, and St. Paul's cathedral. As reluctant as I am to admit, sightseeing isn't my idea of fun, but St. Paul's Cathedral left me inspired and in awe. Modern-day architecture feels cold compared to the details of St. Paul's. Each Intrax member spent 30p and bought a candle to light in the cathedral. What it meant, I have no clue, but it is overwhelming knowing I am a part of that church now. It is the things I didn't expect that have changed me in Europe.

London Dungeon was my favorite stop along the weekendÔÇÖs holiday. 90 minutes were jam-packed with scream invoking actors, grotesque rats, and thrilling rides. The tour told stories of London's darker history, like Jack the Ripper, Sweeny Todd, the black plague, and Bloody Mary. Clearly traumatized, my heart is starting to rev, and I find myself checking over my shoulder, now not trusting the unfamiliar faces of the park. I highly recommend the London Dungeon to anyone visiting.

Working from 9:30 to 6:00 would be pure misery if I didn't enjoy my coworkers and have the coolest job ever. We dressed someone up as the Woman in Black and delivered jet black cupcakes to local media outlets. Naturally, I got to devour two, so I was pleased. Quickly, I have been rewarded more important PR tasks, and am learning double the speed of the classroom. Just being curious and asking why you are doing something rather than just doing it goes a long way. Every morning I wake up energized and looking forward to the familiar faces of my coworkers.

Jun 19, 2012
Internship Success
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