As I'm writing this I'm in Iceland, waiting for my connecting flight back to New York, and still can't believe that the program is over. I miss all of the interns and feel out of place. On the way to Charles de Gaulle Airport, another intern and I saw our offices and got a little sad. 8 weeks of doing something is enough to get me accustomed and now it's going to be weird not coming into work. I already miss it. Every morning I would stop by the boulangerie and get myself a sweet pastry for breakfast. They do have pastries in New York but not like the ones in Paris.

These 8 weeks in Paris were enough for me to fall in love with it and know that I will return someday. We went all over the city on the last night in Paris. We had to see the Eiffel Tower one last time. It might be clich├ę but that is still my favorite attraction in Paris ... only at night though. It's so beautiful and big. My favorite part of it is that you can see it from any point in the city.

On our last day we went around Paris souvenir shopping, going to Paris plage (beach), eating at cafes, and reminiscing at the same time.  Looking up at the Eiffel Tower one last time, packing, and saying each other's goodbyes. Some us of live so far from each other, but we've already planned to visit each other.  I'll be going to Montreal and Chicago this fall to visit my new friends!

It was so much fun being a Parisian this summer, and I will never forget my adventures abroad. What a good way to spend my summer!
I was delighted to know what my boss thought of my work and how he thanked me for the results. Bye Office!

Aug 13, 2012
Internship Success

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