My work-load has picked up quite a bit. We’ve recently been doing a lot of blogging at my internship, more specifically, video blogging. It’s one of those things I thought I would hate, but as it turns out I’m enjoying it immensely! In high school, during my junior and senior years, I was a television news anchor for the school. This makes me feel JUST like I did back then. I’m sure that I look ridiculous in the videos, but that’s why I’m not going to watch them (hearing yourself speak publicly is terrifying!). Even so, I had a ton of fun writing what I was going to say and then attempting to say it. We had to do it over and correct ourselves more times than I can count. I forgot how hard it is to read through text on a prompter without making a single mistake. Even if a word is skipped, or you change “the” to “with,” or something simple, you have to redo everything. It gets really tiring, but I’ve been having a blast doing it.

The process turned into exactly what it was in high-school. Whoever wasn’t reading the prompter was behind it trying to make the person reading mess up. In reality, it just made everything unnecessarily hard, but I loved it. I wish I could do it every day.

At the office, most of the other interns are starting to leave. Originally we had something like 8 or 9 people in the office, but now we are down to 4. It always surprises me because I assumed that everyone there was an employee, not an intern. It turns out that most of the people in my office are interns. It’s sad to keep seeing people leave every day. I feel like it’s someone’s last day almost every day now. Furthermore, they are pretty nonchalant about it, just an “oh I’m leaving, it’s my last day", as they are walking out. It feels so different from how we leave back home; we make a huge deal out of it. For the most part, here there are no goodbye parties or anything of that sort.

In my off time, I’ve also been busy. Last Sunday I went to “El Rastro” with one of my friends here. For those who don’t know, it’s one of the biggest open-air markets in Madrid, as it takes up several blocks and there are vendors that sell everything from magazines to used clothes. It gets packed with people.

It’s an extremely colorful place with all sorts of people. The market is early on Sunday mornings, and as you know I’m not a morning person, but I still go because it’s always great even if I don’t buy anything. This Sunday was a wonderful experience as usual. Last time I bought a giant rug to hang-up on my wall, but this time I just browsed. We must have walked through over 30 antique stores and stands. I’m so glad that my friend put up with me, I wanted to see them all. The most interesting was one of the vendors who had old Spanish magazines and newspapers about important events in history. I really liked being able to read Spanish articles about some of the important events in America’s history; it really showed me how the world viewed/views us, and if anyone ever has the opportunity to do that, I highly recommend it.

Currently, I’m in Barcelona…again! I got here sometime last night, early this morning. I already met up with one of my friends, but I’m really too tired to do much of anything today. I just need to sleep for a solid 12 hours. This trip has been extremely tiring. I don’t know if it’s the sleep schedule, the eating schedule, the bars, the working out, or just the climate, but I’m always so tired and hungry here. Despite my fatigue, I think I’m going to go out tomorrow night to meet up with one of my friends. Then, on Saturday one of my best friends and I are going to the beach to watch fireworks and hangout. I think it’ll be a fairly relaxing weekend before our last two weeks in Madrid which are guaranteed to be hectic.

My time here is winding down and I’m starting to plan the last time that I’ll see some of my friends within the next week or so, which I’ll be honest, is kind of sad. I’ve met some really great and interesting people here, and I hope to see them again when I hopefully study in Barcelona next spring. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to see everyone before I go, which I’m grateful for. I’m going to try and get some pictures together before I leave, because I’m not very photogenic and I don’t have pictures with most of them. It would be terrible to leave without some.

Until next time!

Jul 29, 2014
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