Okay, so one of the major reasons I chose to go to Barcelona was that I could always just go to the beaches whenever I wanted to.  At the time I didn't know that the Barcelona beaches were only created because of the '92 Olympics! Whenever I went, the sand seemed more of a dirt consistency, and no matter how beautiful the views were (and they were) it wouldn't be the best beach experience. Luckily, some local friends of mine decided to take me to a beach that wasn't built just for tourists!

We drove twenty minutes outside the city on the mountainsides overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, passing by some of the suburbs of Barcelona. Because of the hillsides, most of the suburbs are still apartment complexes. The views on the way to the beach were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, with colorful buildings spotting the countryside.

Arriving at the beach reminded me of the Hamptons.  The buildings along the coast were all pastel colors, and the beach even had little condos to rent out for the season right on the beachfront.

Walking down to the beach, I also noticed that they had little paddle boats with slides attached!  The beach was beautiful, the sand was hot, and the Mediterranean water was the perfect temperature to cool off from the hot sun. It was a beautiful day in Barcelona, much like the rest of my summer. Laying down next to a little drink shack I overheard them playing the perfect beach music, Jack Johnson. I'm not sure if my favorite beach in the U.S. could compare to this paradise I found in Barcelona.

Aug 5, 2012
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