It’s really a strange feeling; not quite excited, but some yet at the same time still anxious. It’s good and bad, somewhat freeing mentally, while limiting physically (because I am BEYOND tired). This will be the third time that I’ve been to Spain, so I can't say that I’m overly nervous, even if my Spanish isn’t 100%, but I still can't sleep on the plane ride (maybe I am nervous?). I guess that’s something I’ll never get over. Still though, it seems strange to me because, on every other flight, I sleep like a child.

For my first post there isn’t a whole lot to say. I’m a Global Management & Supply Chain Logistics dual major going into my third year. I’ve been studying Spanish on and off since my freshman year in high school.

As for this experience and what I hope to get from it, I’m not 100% sure.

It’s one of those leaps that you take because you know that you’ll grow from it, even if you don’t know the direction because no one really grows in a bad way.

I guess after that, I’d like to say that I’m very happy to be able to share the next three (ish) months with you, and that every awkward moment and mistake will be written about here, because that’s how I usually learn.

I hope that through this blog you’ll be able to learn a little bit about Spain, and maybe even a little bit about myself. With all of that in mind, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to share in my experience(s) as I try to fumble my way through a culture and a business setting that is for all intents and purposes very opposite to the way that I conduct myself and my business exchanges.

Also on another note, I would like to write a shortlist of some things that I want to do while here:

1. Make Paella (number one and a half right here, I love Paella like nothing else)
2. Give a presentation in Spanish (this one scares me the most, like seriously)
3. Give directions in Spanish (will have to be a random occurrence, they have to ask me)
4. Small talk with a random person (in Spanish)
5. Meet locals and participate in some local tradition (haven’t decided what this means yet, but it will happen)
6. Teach some English (love this so much)
7. Get absurdly lost
8. Mess up

That’s all for now… The plane is about to land and it’s light outside. What a feeling, there’s just nothing like it.

May 26, 2014
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