The next chapter of my book finds me waiting anxiously for the arrival of Friday. Upon Friday's arrival, I will be a thousand feet above, flying overseas, to begin my life-altering summer as an intern in London. A place I have only dreamt of seeing, London is now somewhere I will be able to call my home.

Never being out of the country before, I would not consider myself a world traveler, so this summer will be sure to change my perspective on not only myself, but also on life. I'm never one to let an opportunity slip away, which is the reason I am writing today, five days away from the longest plane flight of my life.

I believe in the saying "too good to be true." In my opinion, Intrax is the first thing that has challenged this saying and surpassed it tenfold. After my acceptance into the program, I had constant communication with my program advisor and easy-to-follow instructions on how to proceed. Intrax has sending students abroad down to a science; to them, it seems as effortless as tying their shoes before work. My program advisor was a phone call away when I was at the gym and had a minor panic attack that my visa was never coming. She was there to calm me down and talk me into getting back on the elliptical. Throughout the next six months, I received packets on the culture of Britain, what to expect when traveling abroad, and continuous guidance. The most beneficial aspect of the pre-departure experience was my mock interviews with my country coordinator. What was probably the hardest interview of my life, made my official interview with my host company, Romely Davies, feel like a breeze. The interview skills and personal growth you will gain through the pre-departure work is invaluable enough, and I haven't even stepped foot in London yet. The #1 advice I have for anyone interested in participating in Intrax is to START EARLY. The second you decide this is right for you, act on it.

Throughout my eight weeks as a novice London traveler, I hope to share my real-life humors and embarrassing failures, while painting a picture of a typical day in the life of an intern. A warning to the conservative, nothing about me is typical, so bear with me during whatever adventure I bring you along. Whether I'm spontaneously flying to Barcelona or spending a lazy day at a nearby park, I plan to indulge myself in the rich culture of London and have fascinating stories to share. My sole purpose in being abroad is to work, therefore most of my days will revolve around my host company and the lessons I will learn as an intern. Practicality is an attribute I possess, so I understand reading a lengthy blog is not a college student's idea of entertainment, so I will strive to bring my experience to you with just enough reading as necessary.

Lastly, for the most important asset to this journey, the financial providers, the steady rock, the parents; the knowledge your child will gain through Intrax is invaluable. Already, I have learned skills such as interviewing, professionalism, and public relations. Every dollar spent is well worth the experience gained.

A list of my own rules for London 2012:

  1. Treat every dish of food as if it is the last fish and chips on Earth
  2. Never say "No," if a co-worker asks to go to the pub after work
  3. Try to keep up with the Brits' sarcasm
  4. Go to the museum and don't act bored
  5. Trust every experience as an opportunity for growth


Jun 11, 2012
Internship Success

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