One week into my journey and I've decided it's going to take some convincing to get me out of Spain in seven weeks. I've been here a week and have already fallen in love with Spain. Everything from the gorgeous weather to the work to live lifestyle has got me sold. After an 8 hour flight to Geneva and then a 2-hour flight to Madrid, jetlagged would have been an understatement. However, after a great night's sleep, we decided to take advantage of our first day in Madrid. Our first order of business was to walk to the City Center. Without even realizing it, I was able to check off one of my first to-dos on my to-do list. I saw the Plaza Mayor.

Three days into my journey I was off to my first day of work. After a few days of riding the metro, finding my way to work was a piece of cake. The Groupon office was amazing. As I stepped out of the Nuevos Ministeros metro station, before me stood an 8 story building, the top story being the Groupon office. The office was completely open with a young startup atmosphere, an atmosphere I felt extremely comfortable in. Within minutes we were put to work. I felt like my skills were actually being put to use. Though the work was not very challenging upfront, I have progressively been receiving projects that will genuinely contribute to the Finance department at Groupon.

As my week came to an end, I could not wait to go out that night in Madrid and head to Sevilla Saturday morning. Friday night we decided to head to a part of Madrid with a college town feel, Moncloa. Meeting Spaniards who were my age was definitely life-changing. It was refreshing to know that halfway across the world there were people in the exact same stage in life as myself.

Six days into my journey, we were already heading off to another part of Spain. We took the high-speed train to Sevilla. The train was one of the most efficient forms of public transportation I have ever experienced. At a lightning 200 mph, the high-speed train got us to Sevilla in a little under two and a half hours. Impressive right? We jumped right into tourist mode as we arrived at our hotel, set down our things, and walked over to the Santa Cruz district. A district that had a distinct old-world feel. It was quaint, yet like nothing I had ever seen before. Later that night we decided to go see a Flamenco show, one of the most intense dances I have ever seen. I LOVED it.

On our last day at Sevilla, we woke up early and enjoyed a traditional Spanish breakfast. It was delicious eggs, cheese, ham, and cappuccinos. This served as the fuel for our day packed with walking. I wouldn't be surprised if we walked about five miles altogether that day. Sevilla as a whole was absolutely beautiful. However, if I were to pick my favorite attractions I would have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the Plaza de Espa├▒a and the Alcazar, both breathtaking. I hate to say this but the Plaza de Espa├▒a almost put the Plaza Mayor to shame. I never thought I would be saying that to myself.

The Alcazar was probably the best two euros I have spent thus far. What I thought was simply a garden turned out to be much much more. Within the garden, we found mazes, ruins, and intricate tiles I would have loved to have taken home. I couldn't help but wish that I could somehow move to Sevilla in order to visit it every day. The Alcazar helped put Sevilla on the top ten European cities I have ever visited. After this first weekend, I cannot wait for what is to come. :)

Jun 23, 2012
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