There were only a couple of things that happened my last week in Germany.  I ended my contract with my company last Friday so I was fortunate enough to have this week in Berlin to simply hang out and not do too much.

The culmination of my work was successful. I finished the templates and draw-up process for the questionnaire and activity analysis with my coworker. There is still a lot to be done on the topic but it was expected that it wouldnÔÇÖt be 100% complete by the time my coworker and I left the company. There is still data acquisition to be had and further actual designing of the questionnaire, but my boss has hired and taken on two employees who will take over my place in order to further tackle the project and bring it into implementation.

I have been very blessed and happy to have been able to work and influence a great company. At the same time, I was lucky enough to pave the way for a project that should have a positive effect on the company.

Last weekend I visited Amsterdam for my last trip of the summer. Amsterdam was absolutely stunning. It was really cool to actually go to one of the most popular European cities that Americans talk about. The feel of the city was really incredible. The buildings and streets reminded me a little bit of SoHo in NYC but with the obvious cool touch of having canals at every other corner.

While in Amsterdam, there was nothing huge to do other than walk around and take in the architecture. We did however do a little bit of shopping since there was a great deal of shops around.

Overall, the Amsterdam trip was a success and was very interesting!

I am fully ready to go back to America at this point. Home never sounded so sweet. I depart on Saturday at 5:30 PM which is a little bit later than my peers. It will be good to sleep in and still have time to spare before leaving the wonderful city of Berlin.


Aug 7, 2014
Internship Success

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