The tourist begins to fade from inside me as I contort my body on the Victoria tube line, weave through the seas of tourists on Regent Street, and slip a "cheers" out to a cab driver. Slowly, my life and expectations fade from my rural roots and expand to the vast canvas of my London life. The golden key to unlock the city is to embrace the differences. The personal growth each intern is experiencing is immense as we start to shed our childish layers and start to master a real grown-up life. Okay, I wouldn't go THAT far, I still do some pretty childish things daily...

The city has so much to offer- anyone can find a night out that interests them. London bleeds the arts; from photography, to the architecture, to the daily random Shakespeare plays in Soho. Far too easily, one can lose themselves on a floor of the British Museum or in an evening stroll through Hyde Park. Recently, Emily and I took the tube to Hyde Park and had a dinner picnic while a sea of swans played around us. It's the quiet moments that you seem to always remember.

At the office, which I still feel really grown up saying and I probably use the term way too much, things are pretty normal. Two out of our very small staff are leaving on Friday so I am sure things are bound to change. The biggest surprise I had was how waking up at 8 AM is so much easier than I thought. Back at school, I probably attended my 8 AM class about half the time (sorry Mom) but it isn't like that for work. 9:30 to 6:00 goes faster than you'd think.

Now, I know what you are REALLY wondering... "So how's the food?" "Have you eaten fish and chips yet?" This is my personal take on British chow. London has mastered every other cultureÔÇÖs food, except their own. On every street you'll find Italian food, Indian food, Japanese food; you know it, it's here. It seems that the UK couldn't really figure out what it liked more than the pint of beer, so it just asked its neighbors for some help in the food department. But, do not worry, I am eating like a QUEEN! Once you get past the European portions, which are drastically smaller than America's, you can really find some delicious food. To go a day without some sort of deli sandwich is nearly impossible with the deli food chain Pret on almost every corner. If you like tomatoes, eggs, guacamole, pesto, and curry, you'll be set. Oh, and don't order a Big Mac, Large Coke, and Large Fri at McDonald's... the cashier will look at you like you're an alien... we know from experience.

Jun 27, 2012
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