To begin, I would just like to say that my coworkers are the best. Our graphic designer, Luke, created these posters right before Independence Day. So my 4th of July was an absolute hit! After I played Would You Rather with Twitter followers and was quizzed by my coworker, John, about America, we went to eat burgers and gelato. It was a perfect way to prepare for the next day: my birthday! I spent my birthday at the most wonderful place, Harrods.  I listened to the opera-singing pizza chef, bought chocolates made by the Queen’s personal chocolatier, and enjoyed afternoon tea in the Tea Room. Harrods even tweeted wishing me a happy birthday! My friends here made my birthday amazing, which I’m so grateful for since I didn’t have my hometown friends and family with me this year.

The birthday festivities continued as I ventured to Hyde Park for the British Summer Time Music Festival! My inner ‘90s girl’s dream was fulfilled while the Backstreet Boys performed live on stage! Even when it started to pour down rain, I was having a blast dancing along to “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody.” Then the headlining act appeared.

MCBUSTED! A super-band comprised of McFly and Busted, McBusted, completely owned the stage! The concert was unbelievably wild as confetti rained down, streamers popped, and a fireworks show lit up the sky! The atmosphere was electric as 50,000 danced and sang together! The next day at work, I was playing another game of MASH with PopShack followers and compiling Instagram videos and Vines of PopShack Live performers when my coworkers surprised me with a chocolate mousse cake for my birthday—see, they really are the best! My coworker, Victoria, invited me to go to an event at Soho House that discussed Vine and how to best utilize it. To my surprise, three Viners that I recognized were there to speak! I got to talk to Daz Black, Dougie Stew, and Huw Samuel afterward, and I just couldn’t believe it.

So this week was pretty much amazing! My office is great, my coworkers are the best, and my friends here are irreplaceable!

Thanks and gig’em!

Jul 8, 2014
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