Learn entrepreneurship with virtual internships.

Experience entrepreneurship with virtual remote internships at US-based technology companies from the comfort of your home and country.
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Work at US-based tech companies and learn entrepreneurship skills remotely from your home and country.
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What we offer

Focused on tech startups and growth companies
We work with some of the top tech companies from Silicon Valley to New York. Leverage our relationships and understanding of the unique recruitment needs of tech companies.
Match based on needs and skills
Recruiting is both art and science. Every candidate and company is unique. Applying to listings on job boards is competitive and time-consuming, so why not leverage our company relationships. Or find your own position and let us manage the rest.
Facilitate international hiring and payments
Dealing with international hiring, HR regulations, and payments is a hassle and a risk. We offer a turnkey solution to facilitate international hiring and payment in local currency, and comply with all local employment regulations, statutory benefits, and taxes.
Develop training plan
We help get you started down the right path. A training plan identifies goals and responsibilities for both the candidate and company.
Monthly check-ins
Continuous improvement is at the core of a successful hire. Our Program Advisors check-in with both the candidate and company to monitor satisfaction.
Seamless transition between remote and in-office
The future of work is a hybrid between working remotely and in-office. With our global network, we offer the ability to transition between remote work and in-office as an official J-1 Visa sponsor.

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What is a virtual internship

Times are changing. While the internet enables us to live in a more connected world, proximity and international borders continue to limit work and recruitment opportunities. A virtual remote internship is much like a traditional internship, without the limitations of proximity and visas. With a virtual internship, students and recent graduates gain practical real-world experience from their home and country, and companies expand their recruitment pipeline.

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When you choose Intrax, you will benefit from our experience in cultural exchange and our relationships all over the world.

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With over a decade of experience, the Intrax Global Internships team will work closely with you to match your skill levels, professional goals, and cultural interests with the unique needs of our host companies. Our interns help companies achieve their goals faster by bringing global perspectives and talent, and go on to thrive in their careers.
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Go remote with virtual internships

Experience entrepreneurship with virtual remote internships at US-based technology companies from the comfort of your home and country.
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