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J-1 Visa Pricing and Eligibility
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Destination Country Language Fluency Visa Student Status
Destination CountryGermany Language FluencyBeginner German, Fluent English VisaTourist Visa (for stays under 90 days); Business Visa (for stays over 90 days). European passport holders exempt. Work authorization required for all interns. Student StatusMust be currently enrolled university/college student 
Destination CountryJapan Language FluencyBeginner Japanese, Fluent English VisaTourist Visa Student StatusCurrent enrollment not required 
Destination CountryUnited Kingdom Language FluencyFluent English VisaTier 5 - Government Authorized Exchange Visa Student StatusMust be currently enrolled university/college student or recent graduate (within one year)
Destination CountryUnited States Language FluencyFluent English VisaU.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident; J-1 or F-1 Visa; OPT or CPT Authorization Student StatusMust be currently enrolled university/college student or recent graduate with work experience 

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Why should I pay to intern?
Intrax Global Internships matches students with positions in the field of their choice, verifies the validity of employers, helps interns navigate the visa process, and provides guidance on professional and cultural norms. Intrax Global Internships has established long-term relationships with our host communities and companies that would be impossible to nurture without the support we provide. We employ dedicated and caring staff members who are available year-round to maintain a presence in the community and offer guidance to our participants.
Do I need a passport, visa, or work authorization with this internship program?
Yes, you need a valid passport for this internship program. Visas and work authorizations are also required for most internship locations. Although we cannot apply for your visa for you, we will guide you through the process and provide you with necessary documentation.
Do I have to choose one country at the time of my application?
Yes. If you have an interest in multiple countries, please select your top country of choice in your application.
Do I get to choose a company or industry?
We will work with you to identify your career goals, personal preferences, and other characteristics that will help us match you with the best internship available. We cannot guarantee an internship with any specific position or industry, but our focus will be within your field of interest. We encourage you to be open-minded and flexible during this process.
Can I receive academic credit for my internship?
Many students’ home universities will grant credit for the experience – check with your academic advisor. Our team will provide any necessary documentation to facilitate this process.
Does Intrax Global Internships offer paid or unpaid internships?
Internships are paid or unpaid depending on your position; however, some of the longer placements may include a stipend. Our priority is finding you an internship that provides you with practical, meaningful work experience.

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