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About J-1 Visa Service

May I confirm eligibility for my clients before initiating an application?
Yes. Please email the J-1 Applicant resume along with a brief summary of the proposed responsibilities for the J-1 Intern or Trainee Program, confirming U.S. Host Company name if possible, to info@globalinternships.com to confirm eligibility, at no cost.
Will Intrax Global Internships provide feedback on application documents?
Yes. We will work with your law firm to make any necessary corrections to submitted application documents to ensure a compliant J-1 Program.
Does Intrax Global Internships sponsor J-1 Hospitality Programs?
Yes, on a case by case basis after reviewing the company/establishment and the proposed responsibilities. Please see above regarding confirming eligibility.
May I refer my clients to contact Intrax Global Internships directly?
If your clients will forego legal services, please instruct the J-1 Applicant to start an application. The application will be assigned to an Intrax Global Internships representative based on global region for application management and processing.
Can my clients opt out of the Intrax Global Internships insurance?
No. Intrax Global Internships provides insurance to all J-1 Participants (and J-2 Dependents) we sponsor which meets or exceeds minimum insurance requirements per J-1 Program regulations.
What is the purpose of the validation calls?
The J-1 Visa Sponsor is required to confirm program details and to be available for any questions regarding the J-1 Program. Intrax Global Internships will schedule a video call with the J-1 Applicant and a phone call with the J-1 Supervisor listed on the DS-7002 form to complete a ~10-15 minute call to meet this requirement.
What is the purpose of the site visit to the U.S. Host Company?
The J-1 Visa Sponsor is required to conduct a brief site visit to smaller or newer companies to ensure there are sufficient training resources and to confirm a compliant work environment. An Intrax Global Internships contractor will schedule the site visit (we will never appear unannounced) to visit the office, discuss the J-1 Program, and take a few photos of the workspace for our records.
Does Intrax Global Internships support changes of visa status?
No. Any J-1 Applicants sponsored through Intrax must complete consular filing outside the United States and are required to depart the U.S. at the conclusion of their program.
Can Intrax Global Internships extend an ongoing J-1 Intern or Trainee Program?
Yes, under certain circumstances. The maximum program duration for Interns is 12-months total, and for Trainees is 18-months total (with the exception of Hospitality Trainees which is 12-months total). In order to justify a J-1 Program Extension a new DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan must be drafted which displays advanced responsibilities from previous DS-7002 phases – it may not be a continuation of previous responsibilities. Intrax Global Internships will not approve an extension request resulting from poor planning or time management, etc.
Does Intrax Global Internships sponsor J-2 Dependent Visas?
Yes. Intrax Global Internships can process the J-2 Dependent Visa application for any spouse or child dependent of a J-1 Participant we sponsor. Please inquire for a J-2 Application Form.
What are the required documents for a J-2 Dependent Visa?
The following are required documents for a J-2 Visa:
  • A completed J-2 application form
  • A copy of your valid passport
  • A clear copy of a marriage certificate OR, if a dependent is a child, a copy of a birth certificate
  • If the marriage or birth certificate is not in English, an official English translation of the certificate
  • Intrax needs a letter from the J-1 Visa holder or his immediate family stating that the family possesses adequate financial resources to support themselves while on program
  • Three J-1 pay stubs from the preceding months if J-1 is already on program
  • Bank statements or financial proof from J-1, J-2, or their immediate family
  • A non-PO Box address where FedEx can deliver the DS-2019 form and a local phone number

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