Training/Internship Placement Plan
Program Information

What is the DS-7002?

The Training/Internship Placement Plan DS-7002 is an official document from the Department of State. Interns and U.S. host companies need to complete this document in order to apply for the Internship Program and to obtain the J-1 Visa.

Filling out the DS-7002

Section 1: Participant Information
​Trainee/Intern Name
  • ​Enter your full name (last, first, middle) as seen on your passport including any hyphens or accents.
Intern or Trainee
  • ​Choose Intern if you are a registered student or plan to start your internship within 12 months after graduation.
  • Choose Trainee if you have graduated and have 1 year of relevant work experience. 5 years of relevant work experience may substitute for a degree.
Current Field of Study or Profession
  • Enter education or field of work experience relevant to your internship or training program.
If Professional, Number of Years of Experience in Field
  • Fill in N/A if no work experience.
  • Relevant work experience must be outside of the United States. Most interns fill in N/A, whereas trainees must have at least one year.
Date Awarded or Expected
  • ​Please pay attention to date format required.
  • Date awarded: When did you receive your degree?
  • Date expected: When will you receive your degree?
Section 2: Site of activity information
​Employer ID Number (EIN)
Hours Per Week
  • ​Program regulations require at least 32 hours per week.
Does your organization have a Worker’s Compensation (WC) policy?
Will your WC Policy cover the intern/trainee?
  • ​Please leave this blank if you are self-insured.
Number of Full-Time Employees
  • ​Number at the site of training.
Annual Revenue
  • ​Indicate revenue for US companywide.
Section 3: Contract Agreement
General agreement that goes over the responsibilities of all parties involved with participant’s J-1 program.
  • Trainee/Intern section to be signed by participant.
  • Supervisor section to be signed by host company.
  • Sponsor section to be signed by Intrax Alternate Responsible Officer.
Section 4: Training/Internship Placement Plan
  • Do not leave any sections blank. All fields are required.
  • Individualize each DS-7002 to reflect relevancy between the training/internship and the trainee/intern’s field of study and/or work experience and participants’ specific interest within the field.
  • Please refer to the trainee/intern by full name. Please refrain from naming him/her or “intern/trainee”.
Intern Programs
  • Placement Plans must describe the role of the intern in the organization and, if applicable, identify various departments or functional areas in which the intern will work; and identify the specific tasks and activities the intern will complete.
Trainee Programs
  • Placement Plans should be broken up into various phases or components covering no more than 4 months duration each. Regardless of length, all Trainee Placement Plans should contain at a minimum two phases or rotations.
Hospitality and Tourism Programs
  • For both Internship and Trainee Placement Plans in the fields of Hospitality or Tourism, all programs of six months or longer must contain at a minimum 3 departmental or functional phases/rotations.
Cultural Activities section
  • This needs to contain at a minimum activities separate from the internship/training that the host will involve the participant in or inform the participant about. Such activities may involve office outings, industry conferences or networking events or celebrations of American holidays. Can repeat from previous phases. Ex. The intern will be invited to attend a baseball game with the office and will take part in our annual Halloween extravaganza!
  • Some other examples of cultural activities could be visiting American landmarks, volunteering at local non-profit, attending local sports games, or participating in American holiday celebrations.
Methods of Supervision
  • ​In this field, supervisors should mention their own full name and title. The information should reflect what is listed on page 2 of the training plan.
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