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Why do an internship abroad?

Grow professionally!

Engage internationally!

Gain life skills!

Shape your employability!

If you are a current student, recent graduate or young professional then having practical, professional experience in your field of study will be a major advantage when competing in the job market. An internship serves to prove your employability to the potential supervisor of your choice. It will also help smooth your transition from university life to the first position in your chosen career path. After all, you have been there before, it’s just another company, different building, people, processes and tools but it is still a company in your field of expertise. Now imagine the benefit of adding an international twist to the experience. You will be pushed harder and you will gain more.

You will be pushed to be resourceful in a professional environment abroad, add value to a company from day one, put your coursework to practice, become culturally competent, and build your international network. Your resume will stand out when applying for jobs for you have proven that you can live up to multiple challenges and succeed; you have asserted intelligence, flexibility, perseverance and great people skills. And by the way, based on alumni surveys, U.S. universities have begun to highlight the correlation between an internship abroad and above-average first job salaries. 

In addition to growing professionally you will get the chance to spend a few months in another country. This is fun, rewarding, and a life-changing experience. You will have one more country where you can feel at home, where you are not just a tourist but part of the community. A place to return to where you will always feel familiar.

With over a decade of experience, the Intrax Global Internships team will work closely with you to match your skill levels, professional goals, and cultural interests with the unique needs of our host companies. Our interns help companies achieve their goals faster by bringing global perspectives and talent, and go on to thrive in their careers.  

    • Exclusive Internship Positions
    • Year-Round Start Dates
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    • Global Presence and Connections

30 years of experience in cultural exchange placement programs!

Full-time internship in your field of study!

Visa and internship permit!

Friendly, professional, affordable service!

Intrax is a cultural exchange organization and a truly global company, with headquarters in San Francisco, offices on four continents and participants from more than 100 countries. We are devoted to fostering international understanding through cultural exchange and educational programs. Since 1980, more than 350,000 individuals have participated in our programs. We are well-established and renowned in offering high school, au pair, work & travel, J1 visa service for independent placements, and internship programs.

True, you might find an internship position on your own. Perhaps your professor or career service has connections to a company, or maybe you know a student who is currently doing an internship and can guide you to the right people to contact. If that is not the case, looking for an internship position on your own can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor which may not be possible for a busy student. Let Intrax help you! We take the time to listen to your expectations, to understand your supporting skills and talents as well as potential university requirements.

These are the internship fields in which we can place you. When you click on any field, you will see sample positions. Please note this this a customized service, meaning that we aim to find a position according to your specific interests.

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How does Intrax manage the internship placement program?

  • Resume review and interview preparation
  • Articulation of professional learning goals
  • Support and advice before and on-program
  • Monitor success through student assessments

At the center of each internship program in any of our locations is the professional internship along with supporting services. Your internship program coordinator takes the time for as many consultation-calls as needed to understand your professional, academic and personal goals. We engage in dialogue with you so that we can best match you with a company where we believe you can achieve your goals.

We help you to articulate your goals and strengths and to ensure that your resume and cover letter support you in your endeavor. Once a suitable company gives you the chance to interview, your program coordinator will consult with you on how to best present your skills and motivation.  Reflecting on your personal learning objectives, assessing your development and obtaining feedback from your supervisor will maximize the outcome of your internship. We will support such reflection with assessment requests and engage with you through check-in emails.

Services as well as eligibility requirements and process depend on your destination country.


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Explore a variety of internship positions. Intrax Global Internships has matched thousands of interns over the past decade. We are proud to work with incredible universities, organizations, and companies around the world.

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