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Intrax Global Internships Partners with Universities

  • Intrax Global Internships (IGI) is committed to partnering with universities to facilitate the opportunity for students and young professionals to develop real-world career skills in practical and professional settings in the United States, Europe and Japan. We share your university’s passion for putting international experience at the forefront of higher education.

    As a designated J-1 visa sponsor, we provide guidance and support to university internship and cooperative education programs throughout the J-1 visa application process. We partner with leading universities around the world, working closely with career development offices, study abroad and global education offices, faculty, student organizations, and professional groups.

University Students Gain Valuable Work Experience

  • Participating in an internship or co-op allows students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom and challenges them to learn, grow and do. University students often participate in an internship or co-op as a stand-alone alternative to academic study abroad, or as a complement before or after completion of an academic semester.

    The J-1 Internship visa duration for students can vary from 4 weeks - 12 months, and can begin at any time during the year. Many students take advantage of seasonal breaks, while others participate for a semester or year. Internship duration in Europe varies from 2 - 6 months, and in Japan from 4 weeks - 3 months.  Our website for participants provides an overview of the kind of internship positions we have available for your students.  

    If a student wishes to gain credit for an internship at his or her home institution, we work closely with faculty and administrators to provide detailed information pertaining to the student’s achievements and scope of the internship experience.

Our Services and Support Include:

  • Visa Assistance

  • Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Emergency Medical & Accident Insurance

  • 24-Hour On-Program and Emergency Support

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Please contact Intrax Global Internships to discuss program interests, goals, and needs so that we can provide the most accurate information regarding program details and fees.

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