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2023 Program Pricing

Applicant Pricing for Attorneys

Pricing in USD
* Program Fee covers Host Company validation, Training Plan review, DS-2019 Form processing, support while on program and emergency assistance. Please note insurance is mandatory.

Program Fee does not cover potential host company on-site visit. Please note Intrax will use the Host Company Agreement document to determine if the host company is required to have an on-site visit to confirm compliance with U.S. Department of State regulations. The site visit fee is $250. See below for Qualifications for U.S. Host Company.

Qualifications for the J-1 Trainees and Interns

Must have an internship offer from a U.S. host company
Must have a training offer from a U.S. host company
Internship must be in your field of study
Training must be in your education and professional field
Age Requirement
18 years old or older
20 years old or older
Be a current full-time student and have completed at least 2 semesters at a post-secondary academic institution.

OR be a recent graduate able to start an internship program within 12 months of graduation date.

All obtained outside of the U.S.
Have a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution AND at least 1 year of work experience related to field of study.

OR have 5 years of work experience related to field of study.

All obtained outside of the U.S.
English Skills
Speak English at an advanced level
Speak English at an advanced level
Maximum program duration is 12 months
Maximum program duration is 18 months

Exception: Hospitality maximum program duration is 12 months

Qualifications for U.S. Host Company

Below are the J-1 visa host company requirements:
At least 5 full-time employees located at the Site of Activity (SOA); but, will consider exceptions based on host company evaluation and proposed J-1 program responsibilities. If the SOA will host more than one J-1 participant simultaneously, a ratio of 5 full-time employees per J-1 participant is enforced.
J-1 Supervisor cannot be remote, cannot be part-time, and cannot regularly travel.
English must be primary spoken language at SOA, and the U.S. host company website must be in English.
Intrax must conduct a ~10-15 minute validation phone call with J-1 Supervisor listed on the DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan to go over proposed J-1 program, to gauge understanding of J-1 program, and to offer assistance and explanations.
U.S. host company must include J-1 participant on worker’s compensation coverage, OR provide comparable liability coverage, OR provide proof of exemption by state laws.
An on-site visit will NOT be required if the host company qualifies for any one of the following:
  • 25 or more full-time employees at SOA, OR
  • Annual revenue of $3,000,000 USD or more company-wide, OR
  • Previously hosted J-1 trainees or interns sponsored through Intrax at SOA.

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