“Our experience has been wonderful"

See how Equilar works with Intrax to recruit talent and further diversity initiatives.

Founded in 2000, Equilar has continually raised the bar in developing industry-leading executive data software for over 1,000 clients. Clients include public and private company executives and board members, compensation consultants, institutional investors, attorneys, and other corporate governance leaders.

Equilar is the #1 provider of executive data, collecting information on more than 500,000 executives and board members from thousands of public companies. Equilar cloud-based platforms organize executive data into easily digestible formats, delivering compensation benchmarking, corporate governance and shareholder engagement tools with accuracy and integrity to inform better business decisions.

The Equilar Diversity Network is a consortium to advance diverse representation in boardrooms across the globe. The Network is accessible exclusively through the Equilar BoardEdge platform and is the “registry of registries” of board-ready executives from leading ethnic and gender diversity organizations.

Inline with Equilar's Diveristy Newtork initiative, Equilar's own offices are diverse and Equilar has been hiring interns from around the world.

Equilar has been working with Intrax interns for over 4 years now. Our experience has been wonderful – the interns we’ve worked with have all had fantastic work ethic, positive attitudes, and willingness to support our business in just about any area. We currently have an Engineering intern, Marketing intern, and Client Services intern working with us right now. We’ve also used Intrax interns for a Sales internship in the past. Intrax makes it easy to find great candidates and facilitates the process so we don’t have to worry about anything but providing a great work environment.

Megan Lum, Equilar Human Resources Manager

Over several years, Equilar has turned to Intrax Global Internships in developing an internship program, offering top talent in a variety of roles and from diverse cultures.

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