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Below are the steps involved in the J-1 Visa application process.  Once all required documents have been submitted to Intrax, the DS-2019 form or Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status will be issued and shipped directly to your client within two weeks.

A validation video call and phone call will be conducted with your client and the host company supervisor respectively. Full payment and a site visit to the U.S. host company (if required) must also be completed before the DS-2019 form is issued.

In order to ensure sufficient time for both Intrax and embassy or consulate processing, your client's J-1 Program start date should be no earlier than one month from the document submission date.

Our team will continuously monitor and keep you apprised of the application status throughout the entire process.

J-1 Visa Application Process

Our J-1 Visa application process includes the following steps:
Submit all complete documents to Intrax electronically
Intrax reviews documents and if applicable, follows up with feedback
Intrax initiates application, sends email to J-1 Applicant to e-sign Terms & Conditions, and schedules a video call
After video call, email sent to J-1 Supervisor to schedule a phone call
Intrax sends DocuSign email prompting e-signature on final DS-7002
Intrax mails DS-2019 form directly to J-1 Applicant abroad including next steps and pre-departure information
Applicant applies for visa at U.S. Embassy or Consulate
Intrax Global Internships also offers an expedited service option. Please inquire for more information, or visit our FAQs.

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