Social Development Internships

Develop Skills for a Career in Social Services

Use your knowledge, compassion, and extra set of hands to help communities in need. You love to travel and learn about other cultures, but now you want to do more. You see yourself helping others in your career, whether it’s at home or abroad, yet you know that getting that experience and making a real difference can be a challenge.

Intrax offers 1-6 month internships in Belize, Ghana, and Peru that give you the chance to build quality work experience in the field. Intrax/ProWorld staff members work directly with local community members to develop internship projects based on their communities’ needs.

Summer interns in Ghana

Intrax/ProWorld staff and interns from the University of Akron in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Local , On-the-Ground Staff

Our staff lives and works in the communities we partner with, ensuring that we stay close to community issues and maintain a close eye on the sustainability of our internships and efforts. Having on-site staff also means we’re familiar with the region and are on-hand to help you with any questions or issues that come up while you’re abroad.

Intrax Social Development Internships through ProWorld

Intrax/ProWorld Intern in action

Structured Internships with Greater Operational Support

We have detailed internship job description documents and an evaluation system for improved organization and efficiency of internship projects. Our Intrax staff in San Francisco, CA and ProWorld staff on-site are constantly on the lookout for new internships that will expand our capacity on-the-ground and meet your professional needs. This Intrax and ProWorld intercultural synergy has taken the program to a new level, increasing the impact of sustainable development and service-learning opportunities.


“I really like how the approach is to make long-term difference, not just a few weeks out of the year setting up clinics, but trying to make the healthcare system work and produce better health outcomes without stepping on the toes of the government.”

- Kristen D., Belize