Intern in Cusco & Urubamba, Peru

High Altitude Living

Along the one hour drive from Cusco’s historic center to Urubamba, you’ll transcend from the bustling cobblestone roads of the big city to a mountain village small enough to walk across. We love the fact that Peru is full of contrasts to explore and are certain you'll agree after even a short time as an intern in either of these great locations.

Interning in Peru

As with most Intrax internships, dressing for work will be conditional on your environment. Health interns will wear scrubs and comfortable shoes, while interns in rural communities will wear warm, comfortable clothes - make sure to have boots designed for walking long distances. Peruvians consider punctuality to be less important but we recommend interns arrive on time to at the beginning of their placement. Lunch in Peru is the heaviest meal of the day. Peruvians will ordinarily go home at 1pm and return to the office at 3pm. In some companies, the entire staff will eat together at a restaurant or by heating up a home-cooked meal.

Live Like a Local

We're sure you'll want to join the tourists headed to Machu Picchu, but your internship in Peru will do more than help you adjust to the altitude. By the time your program ends, you’ll have explored modern cites, remote villages and Incan marvels. Here are some tips to get you started living like a local.

  • (Summer) Cool, Dry
    (Winter) Cool, Wet
  • Spanish, Quechua
  • Nuevo sol S/
  • Taxis & Buses

Tips on using public and private transportation during your internship.

Getting Around

Walking is the most popular form of transit in Urubamba, but in Cusco you’ll have to know where you’re going. The bus system is the safest and most reliable choice with about 30 routes covering the city. Be aware that taxis are unregulated - fares fluctuate and passengers provide the directions.

Things to Do

It’s hard to not suggest Machu Picchu. The 15th-century Inca site may be heavily visited by tourists, but there’s a reason the highly preserved landmark is called the Lost City of the Incas. Sacsayhuayman is another Incan ruin to see. Walking along the zigzags of this military fortress will provide a stunning panorama of Cusco.

Suggestions for things to do while on your internship.

Useful words and phrases in the native tongue of your internship location.

Useful Phrases in Spanish

Hola / Hello

Adios / Goodbye

Gracias / Thank you

Puedo tener... / Can I have...