Intern in Cape Coast, Ghana

Contagious Happiness and Dancing

Ghana is in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea, a few degrees north of the equator. Ghanians in Cape Coast are eccentric, outgoing, passionate beings who are genuinely happy about you choosing to be there — a collective energy that’s certainly contagious.

Interning in Ghana

Ghana is extremely hot and humid, which influences a little more comfy/cool business casual. All social classes value a clean-cut look when going out into town, work or school. The concept of time is very different here. Interns are expected to be punctual for community meetings, but expect others to be late - sometimes 30-60 minutes. “I’m on my way,” means “I’ll be there in half an hour.” In Ghana, age hierarchy is out the window! Ghanians value the contributions of young people and consider the assistance of foreigners to be credible, as they view their education and privileges to be immeasurable to theirs.

Live Like a Local

Had you visited for a short vacation, you’d be missing out on the immersive experience interning in the Cape Coast offers those staying for the long haul. By the time your program ends, you’ll have adopted a happy-go-lucky attitude and danced more than you’d like to admit. Here are some tips to get you started living like a local.

  • (Summer) Hot, Humid
    (Winter) Warm, Rainy
  • English, Fante
  • Ghana cedi ¢
  • Drop Taxis, Shared Taxis & Tro Tros

Tips on using public and private transportation during your internship.

Getting Around

Drop taxis are private and can be pricey. To hail one, stand at the edge of the street and point at the road. Cape Coast has a system of shared taxis that are much cheaper. Simply point in the direction the shared taxi is headed to get picked up. Then there are tro tros — a 9-13 person van that operates like a shared taxi.

Things to Do

Further in from the coastline is the Kakum National Park, a rainforest packed with thick and tall evergreen trees. If you’re not afraid of heights, a wooden suspension bridge provides access to the forest canopy where you can view hundreds of bird and butterfly species.

Suggestions for things to do while on your internship.

Useful words and phrases in the native tongue of your internship location.

Useful Phrases in Fante

Oatsay den? / How are you?

Medaase / Thank you

Mepa wo kyew / Please

Sah! / Dance!